Project and calculation

Besides having a series of standard products, we can solve any problem that come from the esigence of the client.
All the project solutions are carried out by our technical office in strict accordance with the normative of the nations where the materials are addressed, we take on all responsability of the calculation, prefabrication, test and supervision, all the fases of the order are verified accurately in time and quality.



Products are sold on a turnkey basis including electric, hydraulic, fire-fighting and anti-intrusion equipment.
The execution of every order is complete with a full set of services, including engineering, static calculation, manufacture, delivery and assembly.
All products are manufactured under a quality assurance system that is compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001 standards, in order to provide customers with a very high quality standard.
Besides standardised building structures and elements, customer requirements can be met with tailor-made solutions.
The technical department develops engineering solutions in compliance with the specifications and standards that are in force in the installation countries, taking full responsibility for calculation, prefabrication, inspection and testing.
All steps of order execution are carefully monitored for compliance with schedules and quality requirements.

Packaging and expedition


The expediting office is able to perform all administrative operations, customs operations and transport of the goods up to erection site.



The customers assistance is an important task of our company political, to achieve which we have trucks dedicated to the assistance service of our clients. We intervene in no time, with professional operators.


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