The CM1 are modules with new conception, studied for addable solution on all sides, with the CM1 modules is possible also the superimposition.
One detail very important on the CM1 modules is the ease interchangeability of the walls without dísassembling the roof or the comers.


The CM1 module is available also FLAT-PACK type, very proper for exportation. All modules CM1 ype are provided of corners and pockets for lifting by FORK-LIFT.


STRUCTURE – Steel structures all galvanized. Columns/corners: connect basement to covering frame, and allow wall panels clamping. Corners carried out with galvanized steel square section bar 2,5 mm thick complete with external cowling carried out with prepainted galvanized steel sheet.

WALLS – External and internal wall: carried out with prepainted goffred galvanized steel sheet, thick. 5/10, light colour; Insulation: with polyurethane foam 40 mm thick., density 40 kg/m2, selfextinguishing according to ASTM 1692/74;

FLOOR- Basement: frame carried out with galvanized steel square section bar 4 mm thick. welded. Floor rough carried out with waterproof wood panels 18 mm thick, floor with PVC sheet. Basement is provided with pockets for lifting by FORK-LIFT

ROOF – Covering: monolythic type, upper side with galvanized steel sheet 6/10 thick, insulation with polyurethane foam, density 40 kg/ m2, selfextinguishing in according to ASTM 1692/74, 30 + 40 mm thick. internal side with galvanized steel sheet 6/10 thick, light colour.

Further flat roof covering carried out with galvanized steel sheet 6/10 thick. Complete with gutter and PVC downspout (inside the columns).


DOORS AND WINDOWS – Doors and windows carried out with extruded section aluminium bars, white colour. External blind door size cm. 90×206, complete with lock set and handles; Sliding window size cm 115×105 with single glass and external protection bars.

ELECTRIC SYSTEM – Power supply 220V 1 phase 50 Hz; main board composed by bipolar differential magnetothermal switch and bipolar magnetothermal switches for every feeding lines; roof lamps 2x36W complete with switch; external lamp 60W complete with switch; sockets 10/16A complete with wall box; external wall box for electric connection