A yellow signal placed outside the container warns of a lack of water. A plug placed outside the container connects the current from the container to the outward electricy providing network. While the use sewage from the sanitary equipment is introduced in an Imhoff tank containing 2000 liters. Sewage first go across the top accumulation compartment which then allows the passage in a tank equipped with a percolator filter which destroys the solid waste present in the sewage. The recycled waters are gathered in a stocking tank of 3000 liters.



Before releasing the cleansed liquid it is necessary to check that the treatment provided is abiding by the procedure and if necessary obtain the permit from the involved bodies.

  • Water tank with autoclave – 3000 liters
  • Cleansed water stocking tank – 3000 liters
  • Submersible pump lowered down a borehole
  • Tank equipped with a percolator filter